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Help with Account Renewal

Why am I being asked to renew my account?

Once a year we require all organisations in our network to renew their registration with In Kind Direct. 

This forms an important part of the ongoing monitoring of the goods distributed by In Kind Direct. It helps us to ensure that all goods are used in accordance with our terms and conditions

It also enables us to keep contact information about organisations up to date and accurate so we can keep you informed about the latest products available.  


How do I renew my account?

1. Log-in using your email address and password.

 2. If your account has expired, or is due to expire soon, you will be prompted by a message on-screen. Follow the link to "Renew Now"

3. You will then be asked to complete a simple form to check that the details we hold about your organisation are correct.  Please note that you must supply two different contacts: 

- Primary contact: This person will be the primary contact for the account and should be authorised to manage and place orders on behalf of your organisation.

- Management Representative:  This personshould be senior to the primary contact, for example a manager or trustee. This person should be different from the primary contact.

4. Please allow 24 hours for your renewal to be processed. 

If your organisation does not have a registered charity number from The Charity Commission please send your latest set of accounts to charities@inkinddirect.org as well as submitting your form.


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