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Pallet of Store-Cupboard Food & Drinks

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Pallet of Store-Cupboard Food & Drinks containing a wide variety of items.

Lots of non-chilled items such as tinned foods, rice, pasta, cereal, coffee, tea, canned goods, confectionery, and bottled soft drinks, flour, sugar, cake mixes, conserves, chutney, special diet foods, supplements, sweets, crisps, biscuits, pulses, energy foods, baby products, dried foods - such as sauces, pastry, etc. In fact almost any type of food not requiring refrigeration can be found on this pallet along with items such as food bags, foil and cling film. Most of the products are well known and/or quality brands.

Please note each pallet varies and items cannot be specified and the products mentioned above are examples only. Each pallet has a value exceeding £700.00 and items have reasonable expiry dates, some more than a year.

Due to the large quantity of items, there may be a small chance of finding the odd pet food item.

Image shown is for illustrative purposes only and product mix may vary quite significantly. PLEASE NOTE THAT CURRENTLY THIS PALLET IS LIKELY TO INCLUDE A LOT OF CONFECTIONARY, CRISPS AND SOFT DRINKS
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Availability 0 available
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Pack Quantity 1
Retail value £700.00
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