Zendium Gum Care Toothpaste 12 x 75ml

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Contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins to strengthen your mouth’s natural defences. It is proven to boost the good bacteria in the mouth while reducing bad bacteria to help fight the main causes of gum problems naturally. Zendium Gum Care is clinically proven to reduce plaque and give you naturally healthy gums in 4 weeks. Zendium Gum Care is free-from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), a foaming agent found in traditional toothpastes which alters the taste of food and drinks after brushing and also may irritate the mouth. Instead, it contains mild ingredients which make it suitable for people with the most vulnerable mouths such as pregnant women and those prone to mouth ulcers and a dry mouth. It also contains fluoride (1450pm) to strengthen enamel. Zendium Gum Care comes without a box to reduce waste and its tube contains more than 60% plant-based plastic, made from sugar canes which are widely recyclable. Its fast rinse, SLS-free formulation helps you to save up to 4L of water a week. Zendium is also PETA approved, meaning it does not test on animals anywhere in the world. Carton contains 12 x 75ml tubes Please note: Best before date of November 2023.
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