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Partner Products

What are Partner Products?

Partner Products are items that we make available to charities using our service because of deals we’ve negotiated with selected partner companies.

Partner Products are not donated to In Kind Direct. Rather, our trading company buys the products from suppliers.

For convenience, you can order Partner Products in the usual way from our catalogue, but they are usually dispatched direct from the partner company, rather than from our warehouse.

What products are available?

Partner Products are items charities have told us they need, but which are not regularly donated to us by companies. At the moment that is mainly technology products such as computers and laptops, preloaded with licenced software under the Microsoft® Authorised Refurbisher (MAR) Program. We plan to expand the range available in future.

Some Partner Products may be refurbished items, including returns, whilst other lines are brand new. Check each description for details.

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Why is the price I pay on these products higher than your usual handling charges?

Because the stock is bought from suppliers, it isn’t possible for us to make items available to charities at our usual low charges, in the same way as donated products.

We can’t make any guarantees that Partner Products will definitely be cheaper than you can find elsewhere. Overall, however, prices will be in line with the best offers available. We check prices regularly to ensure that this remains the case and monitor our relationships with partner companies to ensure they are offering good value for money.

Included in the price you pay for Partner Products is a fee paid to In Kind Direct, via our trading subsidiary Trading IK, from our Partner. For RDC (an Arrow company) Partner Products this is 9.1% of the sale price of the product (ex VAT). This fee helps to cover In Kind Direct’s costs in administering this scheme and delivering our wider goods redistribution service.

What about delivery?

Some Partner Products will have different delivery terms and may not be eligible for premium delivery.

Check the full description on each item for details.

Do Partner Products come with a warranty?

All the technology Partner Products provided by our current partner RDC (an Arrow company) which are now available come with 12-month warranties. You will receive full information about the warranty with the product ordered. You can also download details of RDC (an Arrow company)'s satisfaction guarantee”, including warranty details here.

As part of this, RDC (an Arrow company) provide an after sales customer support service by email via rdc-salesadmin@arrow.com.

To find out more:

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer services team on 0300 3020200 or email info@inkinddirect.org.